Medea Kid

Medea Kid

January 30 2022 @ 8pm ET

Medea Kid is about Os, a no-name living on a mysterious campus until he receives a letter from a person named Medea who apologizes for murdering him. What follows is a hypnotic roadtrip in text, sound and visuals investigating murder, family, time and connection. Medea Kid is about crossing borders that are forbidden when there is absolutely no other choice for us.

Written and Conceived by Harold Lehmann
3D Animation by David Whitely
Sound by David Whitely and Anthony Iamurri
Production by Brandt Gassman
Book Graphics by Ben Cole

Reader Performers:

Lyana Fernandez
Harold Lehmann
Kym Bernazky
Chaz Faxton
Richard Lehmann

This project is a part of an ongoing collaboration and inquiry into how processes of voice, text and meaning may be evolving in our hyper digitized and mediated landscape. It will be deployed both as a living novel online and a physical book to enjoy.

PDF of book to enjoy HERE

The beginnings of the interactive website are HERE