Spinoza Ghosts



or Karl vs. Carl

or what happens when fools use sports to learn ?

February 16, 17, 18 at The Brick Theater

countdown to Spinoza
the Body
the Mind
all of us together
all of us in time

a meditation on the life and philosophy of Baruch Spinoza in weather reports, dance moves,  and Pizza.

Harold became increasingly obsessed with the life and writings of Baruch Spinoza, sensing a deep relevance to the ethical and political quandaries of our time; he wrote about 300 pages of madness and then culled it down with trusted conspirators into a meditation on Spinoza’s life and work featuring weather reports, dance moves and pizza- mmmm Pizza..

written and directed by Harold Lehmann

video by Jimi Pantalon

featuring Lyana Fernández, E. James Ford, Harold Lehmann